Luis Posada


Luis Posada- I was in Guatemala 1990, I was working for the government.

Scott Kaiser- For the CIA?

Luis Posada- Not exactly, for the Guatemala Government, advance company in relation and aw, Castro always send people try to infiltrate and to know where I am and sometimes try to kill me. I was in my house, and I get out from the garage, and I saw three guy’s with machine guns, in front of me. But each one no surprise me because to many people are with machine in the streets. But I saw that their machine guns had silencers, so! I said, I’m no police, they come for me. And I take my car, and they are firing to me, no bullets hit me. I take the highway, they follow me and they was shooting to my car. At that time I was prepared with a 9 millimeter berretta. And when they were very close to me I break! Very hard, and then they pulled up and they started, and I tried to get the window down, but the window wasn’t moving. But I open the door, and then the first one, there was three people in a pick up. The first one tried to…

Scott Kaiser- Shot you?

Luis Posada- But I, I was very, very fast… dun, dun, he, he get down, when I get the second one, (paraphrasing, I shot him all over). I kill two, I kill, two of them. And there I was, I was pretty bad, one bullet…

Scott Kaiser- That’s when they shot you there?

Luis Posada- It destroyed my jaw. So! Its because I talk this way.

Scott Kaiser- It okay, I understand, I understand you.

Luis Posada- I know there was a hospital about three or maybe four blocks. And I tried to get to the hospital driving, but the car get hit fifty seven times al the window (paraphrasing, the bullets where flying everyone).

Scott Kaiser- Oh my God! Wow! Fifty seven times?!?

Luis Posada- I got hit seven times, (he is showing me where he got hit from the bullets). in every place, another place, (Luis laughs).

Scott Kaiser- And that was from Castro’s men?

Luis Posada, yeah, from Castro. Tony Delaguardia was the hit man.

Scott Kaiser- Tony? What was his name?

Luis Posada- “Tony Delaguardia”. He was a kill man for Castro.

Scott Kaiser- But why was Castro after you?

Luis Posada- Because, I made to many things against him (we shared in some laughs).

Scott Kaiser- Can you tell me any of the stories, hum, that you, that you may have done in Cuba and infiltrated Cuba or anything like, for example, Tony shared with me his stories that my father and Tony went to the Bahamas.

Luis Posada- Ah, huh?

Scott Kaiser- And there they dug a big hole in the Bahamas and they put all the ammunition there, and then one year later, Tony and my father went and too the ammunition out, and then they went to Cuba and they put dynamite, they had sticks of dynamite like this long and they put aluminum on the sticks so that way the fluid in the dynamite wouldn’t leak out.

Luis Posada- Yeah, that’s very, very dangerous.

Scott Kaiser- yeah, yeah, that was very dangerous, and so they has like ten sticks of dynamite and they put it in the fuel tanks of Castro’s and they were blowing up all the fuel tanks of Castro’s in Cuba. My father with Tony.

Luis Posada- Yeah Tony, it was a pretty good deal. Will I get about one hundred meters to the hospital (he is trying to tell me how fast he got to the hospital and when he arrived the people took him in the hospital he’s showing me where the doctors had the cut his throat to insert a windpipe or a breathing tube in his throat). I was very bad, but they saved my life.

Scott Kaiser- Fucking Castro.

Luis Posada- I have been in El Salvador, Honduras working for the Contras.

Scott Kaiser- Can you tell me any of the stories from the CIA?

Luis Posada- CIA…. Oh, aw,…. When I get to the CIA, I was in the army, they do nothing, I don’t have to much time with the CIA. All my life, I have been close, I have made certain supports and so and so.

Scott Kaiser- I have, I have a document that Um, dates back to 1969 or maybe 1970 or maybe even 1971. I can’t remember, but it was a document that my father signed with you, I don’t know if you remember this, but you were,  I think you were apart of JURE the group J-U-R-E. JUNE?

Luis Posada- JURE, nodding his head yes, with a smile.

Scott Kaiser- And you singed! You signed the paper work with my father. The unity.

Luis Posada- Yeah, yeah, I was the chief of the, of the, of all the people of JURE, yeah.

Scott Kaiser- You were in charge.

Luis Posada- With Tony!

Scott Kaiser- Yeah, with Tony, yeah.

Luis Posada- Is asking me if I’m going to California now? I said, San Antonio, interested in my trip. (just talking about my trips, family and my father, we are discussing the book).

Luis Posada- says, it was good to get together Tony, Pepin, two or three people and remember the things, these things happen forty, thirty five, forty years ago.

Scott Kaiser- Do you remember Bill Pawley? Do you remember William Pawley?

Luis Posada- I remember the name, but I don’t remember to much about him.

Scott Kaiser- What about Frank Fiorini?

Luis Posada- Si, I remember Frank Fiorini!

Scott Kaiser- Do you have any stories you can share with me about Frank?

Luis Posada- I never worked with him, close with him. Frank Fiorini he pass away?

Scott Kaiser- Ah, he passed away I think in 93, ah, from cancer, ah, he worked with my father. And I know that Frank tried to recruit my father for Watergate, because Frank was at my house every single day in Hialeah. I have a picture of, with Navarro sitting at the table and Frank was taking the picture. On my thirteenth birthday he was there at my house everyday, everyday before Watergate.

Luis Posada- Is now asking me a series of questions, I felt like the interviewer just became interviewed.

Scott Kaiser- I’m explaining to Luis how I was getting around town and visiting those who I contacted out of my father’s phone book, because I now live in San Antonio, TX. – Do you, do you remember a guy by the name of, ah, um Gordon Campbell? 

Luis Posada- Yeah, I remember the name! (while smiling)

Scott Kaiser- You remember Gordon Campbell?

Luis Posada- Yeah, yeah… He was a friend of Tony Cuesta and….

Scott Kaiser- Tony Cuesta? I don’t remember Tony Cuesta, he’s, he’s, is he alive too or he’s dead?

Luis Posada- No, no he’s dead, he’s dead.

Scott Kaiser- Do you remember the name of the boat or yacht?

Luis Posada- Benus, Venus…V-E-N-U-S.

Scott Kaiser- V-E-N-U-S, That was Campbell’s yacht right?

Luis Posada- Si… (meaning “yes” in Spanish).

Scott Kaiser- Cause I know he had a lot of parties on that yacht, while waiting for Luis to write down the names of the yacht it said, Venus.

Luis Posada- I, think so.

Scott Kaiser- That was um, where was that? Dinner Key I think? I think it was Dinner Key, Dinner Key or No Name Key, no that was Gerry Patrick Hemming, you know Hemming?

Luis Posada- No.

Scott Kaiser- Hemming I think, I don’t know what he did, he said something about cause… I’m, I’m…. Also looking into, you know talking about how my father may have been killed, and I have so many different theories, but I think one of the theories I have is because a lot of researchers, and I’m, this is my argument with the researchers, I’m arguing with them. Is they tell me that Frank Fiorini and Howard Hunt was in Dallas. The day Kennedy was killed. 

Luis Posada- (Is nodding his head yes) then says, “yeah”. No sense.

Scott Kaiser- Yeah, and but, the thing is um, there’s a document that I found in the Mary Ferrell Foundation. That said aw, that said that my father had photographs of Howard Hunt, Gordon Liddy, Frank Sturgis and Bush.

Luis Posada- And Bush? (nodding his head yes).

Scott Kaiser- The father, the father. Would you know if he was in Dallas?

Luis Posada- Yeah, yeah

Scott Kaiser- He was in Dallas the day Kennedy died.

Luis Posada- (nodding his head and saying yeah)

Scott Kaiser- That’s what I thought. I think that’s why my father got killed, because he….

Luis Posada- I was in the army in Fort Binning Georgia….

Scott Kaiser- Yeah.

Luis Posada- When they killed Kennedy.

Scott Kaiser- Kennedy? Yeah.

Luis Posada- I was Second lieutenant, with a platoon.

Scott Kaiser- Do you think it was Kennedy’s fault for the Bay of Pigs too?

Luis Posada- Yeah.. I helped the, the Jacqueline Kennedy book. (Or he could have meant that he read the Jacqueline Kennedy book. Either way, I was surprised to find out he would read it, but again. It had to do with John Kennedy).

Scott Kaiser- Oh you wrote it?!? Wow! (I don’t believe he understood me, or maybe because he had given Mrs. Kennedy some inside information for the book.)

Luis Posada- It say that, she say that, Kennedy was, were betrayed by the CIA. They don’t tell him everything.

Scott Kaiser- That’s what they said, that’s what the researchers say, (sharing in some laughs). I think that Castro through, I think that Castro infiltrated the CIA.

Luis Posada- Yeah!

Scott Kaiser- I think that Castro infiltrated the CIA and infiltrated the Pentagon.

Luis Posada- Yeah, (nodding his head yes)…

Scott Kaiser- And that son of a bitch is still alive.

Luis Posada- But, the story is about your dad. You see, the idea, doesn’t matter. 

Scott Kaiser- Yeah, yeah… Do you think Castro, do you think he’s goanna die next year?

Luis Posada- Yeah, yeah, hope Cuba is destroyed and everything.

Scott Kaiser- Well what’s goanna happen to Cuba now? What about Raul?

Luis Posada- Nobody knows what’s going to happen pretty soon. (smiling as he is saying that). Even in America.

Scott Kaiser- Yeah I know, that’s crazy. ( we share in some more laughs as we talk about my age and how I’ll one day see Cuba free, we are also discussing his health and how he looks). I think, I think you’re going to see Cuba free.

Luis Posada- Yeah, I think so, you too! You are going to see Cuba free!

Scott Kaiser- I hope so, I hope so, because I don’t want my dad to die for nothing.

Luis Posada- Sure, sure. He was a very brave man your father.

Scott Kaiser- Thank you, thank you.

Luis Posada- How many years, when, when your father got killed?

Scott Kaiser- How old was I?

Luis Posada- Yeah.

Scott Kaiser- Thirteen. (at this time we are just discussing my younger years and when the book should be ready, he is telling me that when I get ready to publish the book, he wants to get together and write the names and dates. I am giving him a short story about Frank Srugis, Maurice Ferre and Wilfredo Navarro owned at junkyard in back of Bob’s used auto parts in Opa Locka, just outside Hialeah Florida).

Luis Posada- FBI and CIA have a lot of informants.

Scott Kaiser- (At this point, I’m sharing some stories about my father with him, hoping he too would open up).

Luis Posada- Did you get in-touch with Frank Castro?

Scott Kaiser- No, he lives in the Dominican Republic now. I wanted to call Frank Castro, because Frank Castro was apart of the Cubanos Unidos. (talking little more about my dad).

Luis Posada- Well, its a good thing what you are doing, to many things, nobody knows, (as he laughs)…

Scott Kaiser- Nobody knows the truth, (Luis laughs). Is there any stories you want to share with me?

Luis Posada- Maybe, I have to remember…. (This is where we are both laughing hard). Remember when you come back—spend time with me.

Scott Kaiser- How anything that you might know about you know infiltration into Cuba or something like that is there anything you could um, share with me on that, is there anything you could talk about that? You know, um like the infiltrations into Cuba.

Luis Posada- Maybe… But the problem is ah, the operation was the CIA, you have to sign a secret… Ah, but everybody ah, ah, classification. Take internet, look there are thousands of history about me.

Scott Kaiser- Look, for example. I don’t believe, don’t believe everything you read on the internet, don’t believe, don’t believe everything you read on the internet

Luis Posada- No, no….

Scott Kaiser- Because anybody can write, whatever they want to write, and not everything is true. You know ah, for example my friend, ah St John Hunt, his father Howard Hunt, people say that Howard Hunt was in Dallas. When Kennedy got killed

Luis Posada- Yeah!

Scott Kaiser-  Do you think Howard Hunt was in Dallas?

Luis Posada- I don’t think so.

Scott Kaiser- You don’t think so?

Luis Posada- No.

Scott Kaiser- Do you think Sturgis?

Luis Posada- I don’t think so, but I have no proof!

Scott Kaiser- What about Frank Fiorini?

Luis Posada- Frank Fiorini…(with a long emphasis)… He was a ping-pong guy, he had a lot of information.

Scott Kaiser- Yeah, I think he was an informant too.

Luis Posada- Yeah.

Scott Kaiser- Do you think he was in Dallas?

Luis Posada- Sometimes, sometimes he was an informant and sometimes no, it was very, very complicated at that time.

Scott Kaiser- Yeah, very cloak and dagger… What about James Files?

Luis Posada- He, he was working for the company.

Scott Kaiser- Do you think he was, do you think James Files was in Dallas? Cause I see some of the videos that James Files puts on youtube and he said, he’s the one that shot Kennedy. Do you believe that?

Luis Posada- I think that, I think that there was many people involved in this, in this operation. No, no, (“como saber todo”), (meaning, “how to know everything”). But, there are many classified, very classified documents, and ah, nobody knows what happen, well some people know what happen, but…

Scott Kaiser- Yeah, somebody knows what happen, yeah. Do you think that maybe Fidel Castro ordered the hit on Kennedy?

Luis Posada- (Shaking his head no). “I don’t think so”.

Scott Kaiser- No.

Luis Posada- No, he maybe incorporate, he has information and so incorporate. But, I know maybe the other guy, the guy, the “la calata Americana mucho poder” (meaning, “the descent American withmuch power”).

These are my thoughts, I’m now wondering, if Luis was trying to tell me that it was LBJ behind the assassination. I mean who else could be John Kennedy’s “descent”? And yet wheel so much “power” within the government?

Scott Kaiser- Yeah, because some people tell me they think Castro ordered the hit, some people say no.

Luis Posada- “Si, nadie sabe, se poner,” (meaning, “ifanyoneknows,isto”). yo oído, (meaning, “I heard”). an informant women, (Nadie sabe nada) meaning (“nobody knows anything.”)

Scott Kaiser- (At this point, I am sharing more stories with him about my father hoping that he would open up to me, so we continue in conversation.

Luis Posada- That’s the life!