News Paper Clippings of the Cubanos Unidos 1980 and up

Apparently, the Cubanos Unidos carried on after their breakup in 1974, and re-grouped. My father’s dreams were to unite ALL the anti-Castro groups as one entity in the fight for freedom, establish an anti-Castro government in exile, and be by the United States as a free and Cuban government in exile, these ideas originated from my father. The problem was, the groups were too busy fighting among themselves that they forgot what it was they were fighting for. My father was killed in 1977, so there would be no mention of my father in any of these later newspaper postings, Frank Sturgis always seem to have these illusions of grandeur of being head of the groups military. Only one man ever trained that group the CU men for combat out in the Everglades, and elsewhere, this is confimed by Rolando Masferrer, Tony Calatayud, Frank Castro and backed by several FOIA documents. That person was my father Edwin Kaiser.
These newspaper clippings are in no order.

The Invasion,136300


The Cubanos Unidos seeks relations with Iran,2843866&dq=news+wilfredo+navarro&hl=en


Anti-Castro Cuban says he plans government in exile,3494363


Briefly Reunite hostages, families at Christmas, Cubans ask,1647095


Guantanamo Group Sails,4113147


Coast Guard Thwarts Anti-Castro Mission,5768788


Islands’ Officials Deny Bombing Cuban Exiles’ boat,2755893


Exile Group Aids Overtown Church,3220650


Exiliados Intentan Invasion,3889843


The Mysterious Disappearance of Frank Sturgis – The Hunt for Sturgis, no intended


Anti-Castro Cuban says he plans government-in-exile,3483062


Bum Rap For Frank Sturgis,2446315


The Frank Sturgis Story,4216857


Peaceful Invasion of Cuba Foiled Miami Leader says Effort Continues,1351880


Frank Sturgis and His Bum Rap,2285741


Exiles say Thirteen die in Bombing,4057637


Sturgis cleared of Slaying,1413837


Anti-Castro Cubans Leave Miami For Peaceful Invasion At  Bay,3281533


Anti-Castro Scheme in Chaos,5981939


Bugging Suspects Leads To Anti-Castro Activity,158712


Anti-Castro Invasion Plot Foiled by Shipwreck,6134636


 This seems like a run of the mill automobile accident

Speeding, alcohol no seat belts. But I have seen several people close to Frank Sturgis meet with deaths that have been ruled accidents when in reality they were homicides. One such instance involved anti-Castro activist Edwin Kaiser, who started questioning Frank about his role in the Kennedy assassination. He was repairing a boat along with Frank and Gerry Hemming when he fell to his death. Hemming suggested he just “up and died.”