President Richard Nixon’s resignation speech after the Watergate scandal

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Letter of Resignation of Richard M. Nixon, 1974

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Eben Rey

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Rolando Masferrer

Weberman discussing Wilfredo Navarro

Larry Hancock on David Morales

Larry Hancock on John Martino

Frank Beckendorf on a letter from James Files

Jose Pujol and I, my hatred towards Castro

Kennedy’s discuss Bill Atwood and Fidel Castro

Setting up our meeting Frank Castro and I

Robert Dwyer FBI I thought he knew my father

My conversation with James Rothinstein

My conversation with Tosh Plumee

My conversation with Eugenio Martinez

Paul Kangas on the Stemmons Fwy sign

I thought Dick Gregory was a man of his word

Antonio del la Cova, we had our differences

Tony Calatayud, Brett Karis and Scott Kaiser

Rudy Junco

Rudy Junco has recently informed me that he has no problem releasing his identity regarding a recent conversation I had with him. On the 13th of November I released some information on my web page but not our taped recorded conversation, I wanted to make sure he was okay with me posting anything that could possibly get him into any kind of trouble. (Especially with any of the Cubans down in Miami). It appears that he has more respect for my father. “I love this man“. I am releasing our conversation that describes how my father was able to

Who were in these photographs my father stole? Whom did my father steal them from? Where did my father steal them from? Where were the photos taken at? Who did they work for?

All these answers and more from Rudy Junco, a man who knew more than I thought. Rudy was a very close associate and friend of my father’s. His meat market, Rudy’s Meat Market on 57th Ave (Red Road) in Hialeah turned into a safe haven at night for the members of the family or should I say, the meat market was one of many “Safe Houses” throughout Miami for the Cubanos Unidos anti-Castro meetings.

Rudy met my father in 1968 shortly after he escaped from jail from Cuba, Rudy’s brother spent 14 years behind bars before he would be released, they were both political prisoners of Fidel Castro fighting for freedom.

I hope you will enjoy this brief and short interview with Rudy Junco.

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