The killing of police officer J. D. Tippit

Besides Gerald Posner, Vincent Bugliosi and very few other’s, the Warren Commission tells us too that Oswald also killed Dallas Police Officer J D Tippit. I will be proving that Oswald was set up for the Tippit murder, and this whole story of re-chambering his gun is nothing more a hoax. 

“The official records prove this charge to be False also.”

Oswald’s housekeeper Earlene Roberts, stated that Oswald came home at 1:00 or a little after. She stated that while Oswald was in his room when a Police car stopped out front & beeped the horn twice. She stated he left the house in 3 or 4 minutes later. She said shortly after he left she looked out the window and saw Oswald standing by the bus stop

Star witness Helen Markham stated that she was on her way to catch the 1:15 bus down on Jefferson to go to work. She arrived at the corner of 10th & Patton at 1:06 & witnessed Tippit’s murder. Helen Markham was going to catch her 1:15 bus to work on Jefferson one block away.  The timing is buttressed by T. F. Bowley’s Affidavit, Tippit was pronounced dead at the hospital at 1:15 p.m. the Warren Commission use that time as time of the shooting because they knew Oswald didn’t have time to arrive in time of the shooting at 1:07. From Oswald’s rooming house to the Tippit murder scene is 0.85 miles. Do they really want us to believe that Oswald was “The Fastest Man in the World“? 

The killer or killers fired five (5) cartridges, three of which were Western-Winchester and two of which were Remington-Peters (one of the Remington-Peters missed officer Tippit). The Remington-Peters bullet that missed was simply NOT FOUND. Which brings me to this question, if Oswald was in-fact a “marksman” then how in the world could Oswald miss shooting a police officer just a few feet away from him and yet still be able to hit the president in the head 85 yards away?  Four of the bullets recovered from officer Tippit’s body along with the test fired bullets fired from Oswald’s gun. Cunningham explained that the bullets were slightly smaller than the barrel of the pistol which had fired them. This causes the bullets to have an erratic passage through the barrel and impressed upon the lead of the bullets inconsistent individual characteristics which made identification IMPOSSIBLE

Consecutive bullets fired from Oswald’s revolver by the FBI experts could not be identified as having been fired from Oswald’s gun. The key word in this sentence you’ve just read is (bullets). Cunningham concluded that he could not say whether the four bullets were fired from the revolver in Oswald’s possession. 

After WWII there were lots of the Victory Models floating around for very low prices, so someone got the idea to convert them into the .38 Special by just the cylinder bad move, as it never works well. The .38 S&W and the .38 S&W Special cases and bores are different in diameter, with the .38 S&W being slightly larger. Reaming out of the cylinder to allow the Special to chamber does not solve that problem, and split cases and poor accuracy are the rule if it’s done. The .38 Special cases will also often swell and stick in the cylinder. Fitting a new .38 Special cylinder (if you could find one) is a monumental job and certainly not worth the expense to have it done for what is steadily becoming a more and more desirable collectors item.  If you want, you can reload the S&W with lead wad cutters to almost the same specs as low end .38 Special loads, and your Victory would have no problems with them, but again, that is a fair amount of effort and expense just to plink with your pistol. I say either leave the old gun alone or sell it and get one you will shoot. 

Why would anyone fuck up a perfectly collectable gun?”  
I believe this whole re-chambering thing, and cutting the length of the barrel only provides the fabricated story of Oswald’s guilt for the Warren Commission on a crime he never committed, ultimately, Lee Harvey Oswald was set up. I mean why would Oswald order a S&W model 10 just to modify the gun to shoot .38 Special rounds when all he had to do was order a .38 Special.  Oswald! Hoover’s alleged lone gunmen assassin, purchases both guns in March of 1963, a 6.5mm caliber Carano rifle by mail-order, to be picked up at the post office using the alias “A. Hidell”, as well as a .38 Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver. Or did Oswald order these guns? Did anyone at the post office identify Oswald as the person picking up those guns? I mean wouldn’t you remember who you gave the guns too when they came to pick them up? And yet, no one has identified Oswald picking up these guns at the post office. On April 10, 1963 Gen. Walker was shot at, however, according to the gun manufacture it would have taken up to two months re-calibrating the gun to Oswald’s specifications.  So how could Oswald shoot at Gen. Walker if the manufacture just said it would take some substantial time in modifying the gun? IMHO, this whole re-chambering and modifying Oswald’s gun is nothing more then another set-up / cover up. How else is the government suppose to deliver a lone gunman to it’s citizens?