The story of the Bay of Pigs


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In an interview with Jose Pujol he was asked, “Did you know of the peace talks that Kennedy was having with Castro”? Pujol said, no… “we didn’t know anything”, he was then asked if you had known about the peace talks do you suppose that would have been big information? Pujol replied as this shocked look on his face gradually appeared he nearly yelled while talking in a loud voice, his out of his head, and his face started to turn red. I thought, I was going to have to turn off the video camera at that point and call EMS. He replied with only two words, he said, “VERY BIG!”

Bill Atwood said,

If the CIA did find out what we were doing, this would have trickled down to the lower echelon of activists, and Cuban exiles, and the more gung-ho CIA people who had been involved since the Bay of Pigs. If word of a possible normalization of relations with Cuba leaked to these people, I can understand why they would have reacted so violently. This was the end of their dreams of returning to Cuba, and they might have been impelled to take violent action. Such as assassinating the President.