My father visited Miami from November 1962 till January 1963, it was during that time my father met up with Lee H. Oswald

In October of 1962, My mother was able to convince my father to move to Norwalk, Connecticut, were they we’re to live with his mother. They stayed at my paternal grandmother’s house until my father helped her move to Miami Beach in November 1962. My parents then moved out of my grandmother’s house and moved in with my father’s Aunt Dorothy (Dot) in Norwalk.

On his trip back from Miami in late January of 1963 he expressed to my mother at how beautiful Miami is. My father seemed full of excitement of having just met several Cubans down there. She was already preparing for the worst hoping they weren’t going to pack their bags and move again, after all she was already working and had a job.

As my mother was listening to my father’s adventures while visiting Miami he said, “And, I also met two Americans by the names of Frank Fiorini and Lee Oswald.” My mother said, “he seemed impressed with the amount of people protesting against Fidel Castro”. My father would sometimes travel South to Miami in order to visit his mother.

It was in Miami where my father would meet Wilfredo Navarro, a Cuban exile, whose parents were imprisoned by Fidel Castro in Cuba. Wilfredo had a brother, Roerme, who was constantly at his brother’s side. My dad sympathized with the Navarro’s plight, hearing misadventure stories from the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. Through Wilfredo, my father met and became best friends and co-workers with Frank Sturgis, a veteran of the Bay of Pigs as well as other missions of intrigue.