Website Rules List

This site makes this statement about the aims and objectives of this forum, and to stress the kind of behavior that we expect from all our members and everyone who posts a topic and/or comment.

Posting Topics and Comments on our pages:

The main objective of this forum is to bring together researchers, students and the general public into the information posted. It is hoped that this forum will enable researchers and the general public to share information they have acquired about the topics discussed. In this way, the forum will become a major way of communicating information about our nation’s history and events to a wider community (we have a far larger number of individuals reading the forum than those posting information).

Rules of the Forum

(i) All members are to provide some kind of biography.

(ii) Wherever possible, members should give references (books, documents, etc.) concerning the comments that are made. This will help those carrying out academic research into this area.

(iii) Members should NEVER make personal attacks on other members.

Nor should references be made to their abilities as researchers or of their research. Most importantly, the motivations of the poster should not be questioned. At all times members should concentrate on what is being said, rather than who is saying it. It is up to the reader to look at the biography submitted by the poster, to judge whether they are telling the truth or not. The word “liar” is banned from use on this forum.

(iv) Members should take care over the accuracy of their postings. This includes spellings, capital letters, etc. This is important as the forum is read by young students and the general public, and therefore we should not be setting anyone a bad example. I would suggest you write initially in a word processing program that automatically checks spellings, etc. The finished work can then be copied and posted, or paste into the topic page. If additional corrections need to be made, you may also edit your posts by clicking the “edit” icon.

(v) Make sure your comments are relevant to the topic. Please start another topic if your comments do not belong to any existing threads.

(vi) Members should quote when replying to someones posts. However, it is not necessary so long as your comment is clear and understanding to others who are reading your information.

(vii) It helps the reader if you always post a Title at the header of your page so others understand the thread and or topic being discussed.

(viii) There is no need to add your own name to postings. The forum software does this automatically.

Please feel free to add your comments about these rules. I welcome suggestions about other rules we might need. However, do not use this thread to reopen disputes with other members. If you do, they will be deleted.